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What is Zoning

Zoning is a legislative method of regulating land use by dividing a Township into various districts and assigning specific regulations to each of those districts. The BATAVIA TOWNSHIP ZONING RESOLUTION outlines the regulations that apply to each of the 11 zoning districts within Batavia Township. The regulations control things such as land use, lot size, setbacks, heights, density, intensity, parking, lighting, and property conditions. The intensity of permitted uses increase as the zoning classifications progress from our Agricultural District to our Major Industrial District.

The Zoning Map, a component of the Resolution, denotes the actual zoning that applies to each parcel of property within the Township. Since its inception in 1962, Batavia Township's Zoning Resolution and accompanying Zoning Map have seen numerous revisions. These revisions are accomplished by an amendment process that is very specifically outlined in the Ohio Revised Code and includes public hearings before our Zoning Commission and our Board of Trustees.

Functioning in conjunction with the Zoning Resolution is the Township’s GROWTH POLICY PLAN. This document is intended to serve as a guide for future land use decisions and is used when evaluating the merits of a proposed change to the zoning classification assigned to a particular property. It reflects our Township’s vision for the future by setting forth general development policies that rationally and efficiently utilize our community’s most important non-renewable resource, the land. A Citizen Steering Committee working with a consulting firm, McBride-Dale-Clarion, helped in determining the policies outlined in the document through analysis of such things as population and building trends, existing land use, existing and proposed roadways, sewer accessibility, and soil conditions. Priority planning issues such as maintaining our rural character, protecting our land and water quality, creating recreational park facilities, and maintaining our tax base through diligent economic development and planning were also taken into consideration.

Is comprised of five Batavia Township residents and two alternate members who are appointed by the Board of Trustees for five year terms. These volunteers are responsible for reviewing and offering a recommendation on all text and map amendments to the Zoning Resolution prior to the Trustees final determination on an application. This Board typically meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Barbara Dalton, Chair
Jonathan Dannemiller
Bob Santel
Zach Ison
Andy Hamrick

Chris Denny
Ken Cowam

Is a quasi-judicial Board comprised of five Batavia Township residents and two alternate members who are appointed by the Board of Trustees for five year terms. These volunteers hear and decide upon appeals to administrative zoning decisions, requests for variances and conditional use applications. This Board typically meets on the 4th Monday of the month.

Laura Abrams, Chair
Hearsel Gorman, Vice Chair
Sharon Strickland
James Meyer
Kyle Nicolaus

Mia Supe
Gary Nichols